WRAP Exhibitions and Workshops

Wisconsin Regional Art Program (WRAP) Exhibition/Workshops are held throughout Wisconsin throughout the year. You may enter as many WRAP Exhibitions/workshops as you like. A typical WRAP workshop consists of your artwork being exhibited for up to a month with the exhibition concluding with a ‘workshop day’ in which a professional artist does a presentation and an educational critique. One third of the participating artists will receive a “State Award” which enables them to enter that piece into the annual WRAP State Exhibition in Madison.

You do not need to be a AWA member to participate in WRAP exhibits, but we encourage you to join AWA. All awards at the annual exhibition in Madison (or ever third year in Wausau, WI) each September are designated for AWA members only. To view the benefits of becoming a AWA member, please click on the “Membership” link above.

Click here for a listing of upcoming WRAP Exhibits/Workshops and the On-line Entry Form

WRAP entries must be original in concept and design. Please read this article by Jean Lang, “Original or Copy.”

**You will be re-directed to the UW-Madison’s Division of Continuing Studies website. Scroll DOWN on this page to get detailed information, dates and locations of WRAP’s statewide and history about the Wisconsin Regional Art Program. You will be able to register on-line for any upcoming WRAP. Just click on the above link.

Click here for a printable press release for announcing your state award for your local newspaper.

A typical WRAP exhibition & workshop consists of an artists’ presentation and a critique of the exhibitor’s artworks.