WRAA Board of Directors

Jeanne Ferreira, Verona, WI (19)
Past President
Mary Ann Inman, Clinton, WI (17-20)
Vice President
Sally Probasco, Madison, WI (19-22)
Jan Feyzi, Fitchburg, WI (18-22)
Beverly Larson, Fitchburg, WI (17-20)
Karen Cahill, Lake Mills, WI (18-22)
Conference Registration
Rita Carpenter, Janesville, WI (19-21)
Grant/Applications Writer
Mike McKinnon, Janesville, WI (19-21)
Marinela Manastirli, Madison, WI (19-21)
Evening with the Arts
Anne Irish, Middleton, WI (18-22)
Tiny Treasures
Sherry Ackerman, Cottage Grove, WI (17-20)
Youth Programs Chair
Jeanne Ferreira, Verona, WI (17-20)
Bridging Generations
Nancy McKinnon, Janesville, WI (appointed annually)
Bobby Walker, Wausau, WI (appointed annually)
STAMP North & Wausau Liasion
Bobby Walker, Weston, WI (16-19)
WRAP Workshop Liaison
Becky Herb, Madison, WI (19-21)
Editor (appointed annually)
Tamara Tsurkan, Madison, WI
Publicity (appointed annually)
Teresa Vicars, Lake Mills, WI

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WRAA Board of Directors Manual

The Wisconsin Regional Artists Association is governed by a board of twelve directors elected from and by the membership. These are volunteer positions with the only compensation being mileage and lodging to the spring and fall board meetings. Each board member is active in their duties, whether being an officer or leading one of the many exciting projects that WRAA is involved in. Elected terms are for three years each, with four positions elected each year.

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Board Structure/Job Descriptions

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