Donations to WRAA can be a wonderful way to recognize a loved one or show your support for many of WRAA’s programs. Since WRAA is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, your donations may be tax deductible.


It’s a great honor for WRAP artists to receive an award at the annual WRAA/WRAP State Art Exhibition and Conference (“State Day”). Made possible by contributions from individuals and organizations throughout the state of Wisconsin and beyond, these awards were created to recognize the achievements of participating artists. Many are memorial awards honoring a family member or friend who shared a special love of the arts. Some are given for excellence in a specific medium or craft while others are open to all media. Sponsors have the option to select the recipient themselves (and some do); otherwise the judge of the show selects the award winner.

If you are interested in giving an award (one time or otherwise) please click here for a printable award sponsor form

WRAA Programs

Donations can also be made in support of WRAA Programs. Both STAMP (the Statewide Teen Art Mentoring Program) and Bridging Generations are funded, in part, by donations from WRAA members. Make checks payable to WRAA and send donations directly to our WRAA treasurer, Beverly Larson, 1867 Briarwood Lane, Fitchburg, WI, 53575.

Publication Fund

WRAA continues to solicit donations for the Mary Lou Lindroth Publication Fund. The Fund was established in 2010 to provide long-term financial support for the annual Color Catalog, published to celebrate State Day Exhibit entrants. Donations can be made directly to the Fond du Lac Area Foundation. Make checks payable to the Mary Lou Lindroth Fund and send to the attention of Sandi Roehrig, Executive Director, Fond du Lac Area Foundation, 384 North Main Street, Suite 4, Fond du Lac, WI 54935. You will receive a receipt from the Fond du Lac Area Foundation.

Over $4500 in award money is given to WRAA members exhibiting at the annual WRAP State Art Exhibition each year.

Youth STAMP Artists receive awards at WRAA's State Day Celebrations in September each year.